Oct 11


A werewolf is a type of monster that used to be a normal human, until they were bitten by a werewolf. Now they transform into a wolf during the full moon. Some werewolves are vicious monsters, and others are more like big dogs; it depends what story you’re reading! Usually werewolves can be defeated by silver.

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Sep 06


Sandpipers are small birds you might see at the beach in many different countries. They have long, narrow bills, which they stick into the sand or mud to find food. There are many different kinds of sandpipers; the smallest one is called the least sandpiper.

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Jul 26

Honor systemとはルールを強制的に守らせる人などいないシステムです。例えば、店員のいない小さな店があって、お客さんが何かをとったときにお代を入れる箱だけがあります。また他にも小さな図書館にカードや締め切りがなくて、客が基本良い人だから本を返すと期待されています。

The “honor system” is when there is nobody forcing people to follow the rules. For example, there might be a small shop with no clerk, only a box for customers to leave their money when they take something. Or there might be a library with no library cards or due dates; people are expected to bring books back because they are basically good people.

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Jun 30


Have you ever been licked by a cat? Their tongues are rough and scratchy. This helps them clean their fur. It also makes it very hard for them to spit anything out.


There is a cookie named “cat’s tongue”. They are named for their long thin shape, also compared to a lady’s finger. The Shiroi Koibito is one example, although its shape is more square. You can also find chocolate cat tongues in Europe and Brazil.

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May 31


Macaroni and cheese is a popular dish in the USA. Perhaps it fills a similar role as gratin, which is less well-known. Mac ‘n’ cheese consists of macaroni noodles and cheese sauce, usually baked in an oven. You can add other ingredients such as bread crumbs or vegetables. The recipe came from Europe originally but became popular in the US around the year 1800 thanks to President Thomas Jefferson. It is a comfort food for many people who loved it as children.

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Apr 19


The tomato comes from South America and was first used in cooking by the Aztecs. The Spanish brought tomatoes to Europe. At first Europeans didn’t want to eat tomatoes, because they thought they were poisonous, like other nightshades, relatives of the deadly nightshade or belladonna. In Britain, tomatoes remained unpopular even after they were accepted in Spain and Italy.

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Mar 15


Ew, worms! Many people think worms are gross, but they are helpful if you have a garden. If the soil in your garden has many worms, that means the soil is healthy. Worms break up the dirt so that air and water can get to the roots of plants. They also eat things like dead leaves.

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Feb 15


Have you ever had a hamster or mouse as a pet? A gerbil is another rodent that has been popular as a pet since the 1950s. The gerbils we keep as pets originally came from dry parts of China, Mongolia or Russia. They love to dig and like to live in groups.

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Jan 18


How did you celebrate the new year? Did you do anything special at midnight on December 31? English speakers often sing “Auld Lang Syne” to say goodbye to the old year as the new year begins. This song was originally a Scottish poem, and the title means “old times”. The song is so old that it was already considered an old song in the early 1700s. In addition to New Year’s Eve, it is sometimes used at many events focusing on endings, farewells, and new beginnings, including funerals and graduation ceremonies.

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Dec 02

Decadeは十年間。Decahedronは十面体。十分の一を数える数字の前におく小数点はdecimal pointです。Decathlonとは十種競技、十個の協議を競うイベントです。ではなぜDecemberが十月ではないのでしょう?実は昔、10個目の月でした。名前が決まった後に月が二つ増えました。

A decade is ten years. A decahedron has ten sides. We put a decimal point before a number indicating tenths. A decathlon has ten different athletic events. Why isn’t December the tenth month? Actually, it used to be the tenth month, before two more months were added to the calendar.

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