Oct 18

“Don’t worry. We’ve got this in the bag.” 「心配ない。もう勝ったも同然。」


If you have something “in the bag”, victory is certain. You haven’t played the game yet, but you are 100% sure you will win. You haven’t been told you’re getting a promotion yet, but you are positive that it’s already decided.

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Sep 13

“He’s a dyed-in-the-wool believer. You’ll never change his mind.” 「彼は根っからの信者だ。どんなに説得しても絶対に考え方を変えないでしょう。」


You might hear someone described as “dyed in the wool” if they have very strong and unshakeable belief in a certain idea. This phrase comes from yarn. We can dye yarn in different colors, so all our sweaters aren’t just white. If you dye the wool before spinning it into yarn, you can color it more thoroughly.

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Aug 02

“There’s no way we can beat such a strong team. We’re toast!” 「そんな強いチームに勝てないよ。おしまいだ!」

“My USB drive corrupted and all my files are toast.” 「USBのデータが壊れてファイルが全滅だ。」

“If the teacher sees you on your phone in class, you’re toast!” 「授業中に携帯使っているのを先生に見られたらヤバイぞ!」


People say something or someone is “toast” to mean they are doomed to failure, destroyed, or in trouble. It’s similar to “I’m dead” or “I’m doomed” but sounds less dark.

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Jul 05

“It’s a deal! Let’s shake on it!” 「取引成立!握手しよう!」

“There’s no way he wouldn’t hold up his end of the bargain. We shook on it!” 「約束を破るはずがない。だって握手したんだもん!」


When you make an agreement with someone, you might shake hands to seal the deal. It’s like a pinky promise, but adults can do it too—even businessmen.

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Jun 07

“Can I have one of those cookies?” 「そのクッキー食べてもいい?」

“Be my guest.” 「ご自由にどうぞ」

Be my guestとは「どうぞ」と言う意味です。何かをする許可を与えるフレーズです。家にお客さんが来たなら、欲しいものをすべて与えるべきです。そのイメージからして、「お客さんになって」と言ったら、好きなものをとっていいという意味になります。ディズニー映画「美女と野獣」の曲にもこのフレーズのバリエーションが聞こえます。

“Be my guest” means “go ahead”. We use this phrase to give permission to someone to do something. If a guest is visiting your house, you should give them everything they want. So when you tell someone to “be my guest” you’re saying they can have what they want. You can hear a version of this phrase in the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast song “Be Our Guest”.

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Apr 26

“You have to play with the hand you were dealt.” 「配られたカードでやるしかない。」


In a card game, you receive a certain number of cards at random. You can’t do anything to change which cards you received. You have to play the game using the cards that you have. This is a metaphor for life. You can’t change circumstances of your life, such as where you were born or who your parents are. You have to live your life using what you have.

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Feb 22

“If you think I’m going to give up, you’ve got another think coming!” 「私が諦めると思っているならすぐに考えなおさせてみせる!」

普段はthinkが動詞ですがここでは名詞扱いしています。You’ve got another think comingとは、今思っていることが間違っているからすぐには考え直さざるを得なくなるという意味です。Thinkの最後のkはcomingの最初の音と同じですので聞き取りにくいです。それが原因でよくthinkをthingと書いてしまったところを見かけます。口でいうと音が同じです。

Normally, think is a verb, but in this phrase it’s treated as a noun. “You’ve got another think coming” means, “You will be forced to rethink that (because it’s wrong).” It’s hard to hear the k at the end of think due to the identical sound at the beginning of coming. This leads many people to mistakenly write think as thing, which sounds the same when spoken.

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Jan 25

“This place used to be really nice, but now it’s completely gone to the dogs.” 「前は良かったけど随分クオリティーが落ちたもんだ。」

悪くなったものは「犬たちのところに行った」と言います。昔好きだったレストランに久しぶりに行ってみると料理もサービスもひどければ、gone to the dogsと言えます。前は良かったけど最近は毎回負けるスポーツのチームもそうです。状況が悪化していっているように思えたら国や経済にもよく言います。

If something becomes much worse, we can say it’s “gone to the dogs”. If you visit a restaurant you used to like, but the food and service are terrible, you might say this. A sports team that used to be good but now always loses can also be said to have gone to the dogs. You might hear people say the country or the economy is going to the dogs, when it seems like things are getting worse.

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Dec 07

“This show is for the birds. Let’s play video games instead.” 「この番組はバカバカしい。代わりにゲームしよう。」

“Sports are for the birds. My parents wanted me to sign up, but I’d rather go to the mall with my friends.” 「スポーツなんてくだらない。親に勧められたけどそれよりショッピングモールで友達とくつろぎたい。」

“Taking the bus is for the birds. I can’t wait until my car is fixed.” 「バスで通勤なんてやってられない。早く車治らないかな。」

For the birdsなことは価値がない、バカバカしい、または望ましくないことです。

Something that’s “for the birds” is worthless, stupid or undesirable.

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Nov 02

“I won $50 in the lottery, but then I had to pay a parking ticket. Oh well, easy come, easy go.” 「宝くじで50ドルが当たったけど駐車違反で使ってしまった。まあ、簡単に手に入るものは簡単に立ち去る。」


Something that is easily gained is also easily lost. We use this phrase when we’ve lost something that wasn’t terribly important because we didn’t put a lot of effort into getting it. You might use this phrase if you are a little disappointed to lose something, or to comfort somebody who has lost something that wasn’t too important.

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