Nov 29

“Do you eat French food often?” 「フランス料理はよく食べますか?」

“No, not often. I always eat at this French restaurant when I’m in town, but I don’t come here very often.” 「そんなに食べません。この町に来れば必ずこのフランス料理の店に来ますが、この町にはそう頻繁に来ません。」


If you do something often, the number of times you do it is high. Most of the time, the meaning is similar to “usually.” But there are occasionally exceptions: if you eat out only a few times a year, and most of the time you choose the same restaurant, you can say you “usually” (because the probability of going there when you eat out is high) eat there but not “often” (because the number of times you go there is actually low).

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