Nov 15

“Sorry, I’m busy tonight. Can I take a rain check?” 「ごめん、今夜は時間ないんだ。また今度にしていい?」

Rain checkを頼んだら、相手の誘いを断りながら近い未来には受けたいと伝えます。例えば、友達にカフェにいかないかと誘われたけれど、仕事があっていけません。今日は一緒にコーヒーが飲めないけど近い家に是非いきたいという意味でrain checkを頼みます。

If you ask for a rain check, you turn down an invitation or offer, but with the message that you would like to accept in the future. For example, a friend asks you to go with them to a café this afternoon, but you have to work. You ask for a rain check, meaning that you can’t have coffee with your friend today, but you would like to do it sometime soon.

表現の由来は1890年代のアメリカです。野球の試合が雨で中止になったとき、チケットを買った人にあとで払わずに試合が観えるようにrain checkを配りました。

The phrase comes from the 1890s USA. “Rain checks” would be given to people who had paid to see a baseball game that was rained out, so that they could see a game later without paying.

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