Mar 08

“The price of wheat is climbing.” 「小麦の価格が上がっています。」

“If you climb up the tree, you can reach the window.” 「木に登れば窓に届きます。」


ただし、木に登れば、降りるときもclimb downと言えます。人(サル、猫なども)が登るときと同じような動きを使って木、岩、壁などをどの方向に移動してもclimbと言えます。

“Climb” usually means “go up”. Stock prices can climb. Airplanes can climb.

However, if you climb a tree, you can also climb back down. People (and monkeys, cats, etc.) can climb in any direction by using the same movements you would use to climb up a tree, rock, wall, etc.

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