Apr 15

“Which movie are we seeing?” 「どの映画を観る?」

“I’ll leave it up to you.” 「君に任せるよ。」

“The school provides materials, and the rest is up to you!” 「学校は必要なものを提供するけれど後は君次第だ!」

結果はあなた次第というときにup to youというフレーズを使います。どの映画を観るか、休暇の旅行先はどこにするかなど決めるだけでいいとき、頑張り次第で結果が大きくかわるときにも使えます。You以外の代名詞でも使えます:「本は与えたけれど勉強するかは彼次第だ。」

We use “up to you” to say that the result depends on you. It could be a simple choice for you to make, like which movie we’ll see or where you’d like to go during the holidays. Or it could be that the quality of the result depends on your efforts. We can use other pronouns as well: “I bought him books, but it’s up to him to study.”

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