Apr 01

uehonmachi_apr1“I’m just saying he may have had a little extra help, if you catch my drift.” 「ちょっと人より助けてもらったかもしれない。言ってることわかるかな?」
“Are you saying he cheated?” 「ずるしたとでも言いたいのか?」

“You’d better stop that, or there’s going to be trouble, if you catch my drift.” 「それ止めないとトラブルが起こるかもしれないぞ。わかったか?」


To catch somebody’s drift is to understand what they mean, even though they didn’t say it clearly. Maybe I think that someone did something bad, or I want to threaten or warn someone, but I don’t want to say exactly what I think. I can check that they understood the real message by asking if they caught my drift.

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