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Jul 25

“It isn’t official yet, but for all intents and purposes, he is the winner.” 「まだ正式に認めていないが彼が勝利したも同然。」

“The title is in my father’s name, but it’s my car, for all intents and purposes.” 「書類上はお父さんのものだけど実質的には私の車だ。」


It’s much simpler to say it’s my car than explain that it’s technically my father’s car, but I keep it at my house and I’m the only one who drives it. It’s not quite true to say it’s my car, but the truth is basically the same. If you want to borrow the car, you should ask me.

厳密には少し違うけど実質的にはそうだというときにfor all intents and purposesという表現が使えます。

We can use the phrase “for all intents and purposes” when something is so close to the truth that there is no practical difference.

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Jul 11

“I know you didn’t mean to hurt him, but hearing about your perfect score was salt in the wound after he failed a test for the first time.” 「傷づけるつもりはなかったのはわかっているが、初めて赤点を取った彼にはあなたが満点を取ったというニュースは傷口に塩だった。」


If someone is hurt, and something happens that makes the hurt worse, we call that “salt in the wound”. If you cut yourself, it hurts, but if salt gets into the cut, it will hurt even more! You can rub salt in someone’s wound on purpose to be mean, or by accident.

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Jul 04


Today is a big holiday in the USA, celebrating its independence from Britain. Americans celebrate on July 4 because that was the day in 1776 that independence was declared. The American Revolutionary War had already started in 1775. A meeting was held in Philadelphia. They wrote a document saying that the thirteen colonies in America were independent states.

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