Jun 27


A porch is a place with a roof and floor outside the door of a house. In America, it might have a railing or sometimes screens. If the porch is large, it often has chairs and maybe even a swing. A nice porch is a good place to enjoy the outdoor air in good weather or say hello to passing neighbors if your house is near the road.

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Jun 20

“I was sitting here doing my homework, and the vase fell over by itself!” 「座って宿題をしていたら花瓶が勝手に倒れたんだ!」

“A likely story! Then what’s this baseball doing here?” 「ありえない話ね。だったらなぜここにベースボールが転んでる?」

人の話が信じられないときに「a likely story」と言います。Likelyとは「可能性が高い」「充分あり得る」という意味ですが、ここでは皮肉として使われています。

If you don’t believe what someone said, you can call it “a likely story”. “Likely” describes something plausible or easy to believe, but here it’s used sarcastically.

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Jun 13

“So I didn’t get the job. But it turns out Jerry is the head of that department. He’s awful. I really dodged a bullet!” 「結局採用されなかった。でもそこの部長がジェリーだったんだ。彼はひどいから、弾丸を避けた気分だよ。」


If you avoid a very unpleasant situation by coincidence, you can say you dodged a bullet. It’s impossible to move out of the way of a bullet when it is flying at you, because it moves too fast. But if you just happened to be moving already, and the bullet misses you because you were moving, it looks like you dodged the bullet.

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Jun 06

Bee orchid「蜂のラン」は蜂の姿をした花です。いつかは花粉を他の花に運んでもらうために蜂を引き寄せていましたが、6月から7月に咲くイギリスではその種類の蜂がなくなってしまいました。ですが地中海の近くでまだ蜂を引き寄せています。

The bee orchid is a flower that looks like a bee. It once attracted male bees that carried away its pollen to other bee orchids. But now that species of bee is extinct in the UK, where the bee orchid blooms in June and July. However, it can still attract bees in the Mediterranean region.

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