Apr 25


They say April is a good month to watch for shooting stars. Shooting stars are actually not stars, but meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. They are small rocks or even dust that almost always burn up before reaching the surface of the Earth. If you are lucky enough to see one, make a wish!

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Apr 22





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Apr 18

“I wish you would clean your room.” 「部屋を片付けてくれたらいいのに」

“I wish people wouldn’t talk so loud on the train.” 「車内で大きな声を出さなかったらいいけどね」


We often use “wish” to talk about things that we would like to happen, but that aren’t very likely. If we expect it to happen, we often use “hope” instead: “I hope it doesn’t rain.” “I hope you do well on the test.”

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Apr 11

ボクシングでは手を上げて自分をガードします。Put up your dukesと言ったら、勝負に誘って、身を守る準備をするように促しています。

If you are a boxer, you raise your hands to guard yourself in a fight. If someone tells you to “put up your dukes”, they’re challenging you to a fight and inviting you to get ready to defend yourself.

なぜdukeが手やこぶしの意味になっているのかについては、より古い手というスラングのfork(フォーク)が由来だと考えられています。ForkとDuke of York(ヨーク公爵)が韻を踏むのです。手という意味のDuke of Yorkは短くなってただのdukeになりました。

We think that the usage of “dukes” to mean “hands” comes from another slang term for hands, “forks”. “Fork” rhymes with “Duke of York”, which was then shortened to just “duke”.

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Apr 04

“I’m sure you two will be good friends.” 「あなたたちはきっといい友達になるでしょう。」

“In a pig’s eye! He’s a complete jerk.” 「まさか!彼は本当にひどい人よ。」


When someone talks about “a pig’s eye” it means they strongly disagree with what was just said. Maybe pigs have very bad judgement, so whatever they think they see is wrong!

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