Oct 25

“Put on your costumes! It’s time to go trick-or-treating!” 「コスチュームの準備はいいか?トリックオアトリートに行くよ!」

Trick or treatはお菓子を求めて近所さんの扉にノックしたあとに言うフレーズです。お菓子をもらおうと近所を歩き回ることはtrick-or-treatingと言います。Go fishingやgo shoppingと同じようにgo trick-or-treatingと言います。

“Trick or treat” is the phrase you say on Halloween after knocking on a neighbor’s door, hoping to get some candy. When you walk around the neighborhood in search of candy, you are trick-or-treating. You can “go trick-or-treating” just like you can go fishing or go shopping.

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Oct 18

“Don’t worry. We’ve got this in the bag.” 「心配ない。もう勝ったも同然。」


If you have something “in the bag”, victory is certain. You haven’t played the game yet, but you are 100% sure you will win. You haven’t been told you’re getting a promotion yet, but you are positive that it’s already decided.

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Oct 11


A werewolf is a type of monster that used to be a normal human, until they were bitten by a werewolf. Now they transform into a wolf during the full moon. Some werewolves are vicious monsters, and others are more like big dogs; it depends what story you’re reading! Usually werewolves can be defeated by silver.

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Oct 06

“Stop lollygagging around and get to work!” 「ぐずぐずしないで仕事しなさい!」


“Lollygag” means “spend time idly” or “dawdle”—to waste time or move slowly instead of getting on with your work. It’s fun to say, but it’s not very commonly used. It is a fairly new word; it comes from the mid-19th century and is sometimes spelled “lallygag.”

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