Sep 28

“I’m so hungry, I feel like I’m going to waste away to nothing.” 「お腹がすきすぎて消えてしまいそう。」

“We used to waste away the summer playing video games.” 「夏中ゲームばっかりして無駄に過ごしたな。」

目的語のないwaste awayはだんだん小さくまたは細くなって最後に消えてしまうかもしれないという意味です。よく病気で痩せてしまう人を表すときに使います。

When “waste away” has no object, it means “get smaller or thinner (and maybe even disappear)”. This often describes someone who loses weight because of illness.

例文のthe summerみたいに目的語がある場合は、どうでもいいことをずっとやっていたという意味になります。悪い響きでは時間を無駄にしたということですが、悩みのない、自由な時を楽しんだから懐かしいという使い方もできます。

If it has an object (like “the summer”), it means to spend the whole time doing something unimportant. This can be bad, because time was wasted, or it can feel nostalgic, because the speaker enjoyed that care-free time.

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Sep 13

“He’s a dyed-in-the-wool believer. You’ll never change his mind.” 「彼は根っからの信者だ。どんなに説得しても絶対に考え方を変えないでしょう。」


You might hear someone described as “dyed in the wool” if they have very strong and unshakeable belief in a certain idea. This phrase comes from yarn. We can dye yarn in different colors, so all our sweaters aren’t just white. If you dye the wool before spinning it into yarn, you can color it more thoroughly.

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Sep 06


Sandpipers are small birds you might see at the beach in many different countries. They have long, narrow bills, which they stick into the sand or mud to find food. There are many different kinds of sandpipers; the smallest one is called the least sandpiper.

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