Aug 30

“He’s snoozing on the couch.” 「ソファで寝ている」

“She’s taking a snooze.” 「彼女は昼寝している」


“Snooze” is a colorful word for “nap” or “sleep”. Like “nap”, it can be a verb or a noun, although the verb form is probably most common. It’s also the function on your alarm clock that lets you rest a few more minutes before the alarm goes off again.

“Math class is such a snooze.” Math class is really boring. 数学の授業が本当に退屈。

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Aug 25




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Aug 23

“Look at this room! It’s a mess! God only knows when was the last time you tidied up.” 「この部屋を見なさい!なんて散らかしてるんだ!最後に片付けたが一体いつだったのか。」

“I lost hold of my balloon and it floated away. God only knows where it is know.” 「風船を放してしまった。今どこにあるかは知る術がない。」


Sometimes we say “God only knows” as a stronger form of “I don’t know” or “nobody knows”. If something is impossible to know, no human knows it, but God does.

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Aug 02

“There’s no way we can beat such a strong team. We’re toast!” 「そんな強いチームに勝てないよ。おしまいだ!」

“My USB drive corrupted and all my files are toast.” 「USBのデータが壊れてファイルが全滅だ。」

“If the teacher sees you on your phone in class, you’re toast!” 「授業中に携帯使っているのを先生に見られたらヤバイぞ!」


People say something or someone is “toast” to mean they are doomed to failure, destroyed, or in trouble. It’s similar to “I’m dead” or “I’m doomed” but sounds less dark.

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