Jun 30


Have you ever been licked by a cat? Their tongues are rough and scratchy. This helps them clean their fur. It also makes it very hard for them to spit anything out.


There is a cookie named “cat’s tongue”. They are named for their long thin shape, also compared to a lady’s finger. The Shiroi Koibito is one example, although its shape is more square. You can also find chocolate cat tongues in Europe and Brazil.

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Jun 21

“Give me a couple of those apples, please.” 「リンゴを二つくらい頂戴。」

“We moved into a bigger house and adopted a couple of cats.” 「もっと大きなお家に引っ越して猫を二匹迎え入れた。」

“Are John and Betty a couple?” 「ジョンとベティーは付き合ってるのですか?」

Coupleとは二つの何かです。曖昧なときがあります。「海でa couple of peopleを見かけた」と言ったら、大体2~3人くらいを見ました。A couple of peopleは二人の人ですが恋愛の意味でのカップルではありません。二人がare a coupleと言ったら付き合っているという意味になります。

A “couple” is two of anything. Sometimes it can be a little vague—if I say “I saw a couple people on the beach,” it might have been two or three people. “A couple of people” doesn’t mean anything romantic, but if two people “are a couple” then they are probably dating.

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Jun 14

“She pointed out an error in his logic.” 「彼の論理のミスを指摘した。」

“Can you point out any typos you notice?” 「入力ミスに気づいたら教えてくれる?」

人の注意を何かに向かせるときは人差し指でそれを指します。身体ではなく言葉で注意を向かせるときにもpoint it outと言います。

If you want to draw someone’s attention to something, you might point at it with your index finger. Even if you bring it to their attention with words rather than physical gestures, we can still say that you “point it out”.

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Jun 07

“Can I have one of those cookies?” 「そのクッキー食べてもいい?」

“Be my guest.” 「ご自由にどうぞ」

Be my guestとは「どうぞ」と言う意味です。何かをする許可を与えるフレーズです。家にお客さんが来たなら、欲しいものをすべて与えるべきです。そのイメージからして、「お客さんになって」と言ったら、好きなものをとっていいという意味になります。ディズニー映画「美女と野獣」の曲にもこのフレーズのバリエーションが聞こえます。

“Be my guest” means “go ahead”. We use this phrase to give permission to someone to do something. If a guest is visiting your house, you should give them everything they want. So when you tell someone to “be my guest” you’re saying they can have what they want. You can hear a version of this phrase in the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast song “Be Our Guest”.

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