Apr 26

“You have to play with the hand you were dealt.” 「配られたカードでやるしかない。」


In a card game, you receive a certain number of cards at random. You can’t do anything to change which cards you received. You have to play the game using the cards that you have. This is a metaphor for life. You can’t change circumstances of your life, such as where you were born or who your parents are. You have to live your life using what you have.

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Apr 23






4月25日(日)~5月11日(火)の間、東京・大阪・京都・兵庫に緊急事態宣言が発令されました。元々の教室のお休み期間と重なるため、期間中のレッスンは数日間となりますが、モダンイングリッシュでは引き続き感染拡大防止対策を徹底の上、これまで通り対面レッスンを継続致します。 緊急事態宣言の延長や内容の変更などが政府より発表された場合は、今後の対応策をお知らせいたします。



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Apr 19


The tomato comes from South America and was first used in cooking by the Aztecs. The Spanish brought tomatoes to Europe. At first Europeans didn’t want to eat tomatoes, because they thought they were poisonous, like other nightshades, relatives of the deadly nightshade or belladonna. In Britain, tomatoes remained unpopular even after they were accepted in Spain and Italy.

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Apr 14

“The famous explorer was immortalized in a well-known poem.” 「有名な探検家は有名な詩の中で永遠に生き続けた。」

Mortalなものはいつか死にます。Immortalなものは決して死にません。人を不死化することはimmortalizeと言います。人間はいつか死ぬものですが、末永く記憶されている人がいます。石造が建てられた、書いた小説がずっと読まれているなど、覚えられているから不死化していると表現することがあります。 Something that is mortal eventually dies. Something that is immortal never dies. If you make someone immortal, you immortalize them. All humans are mortal, but some people are remembered for a very long time. We sometimes say they are immortalized because they are remembered, for example, through a statue built in their honor, or a beloved novel that they wrote.

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Apr 05

“I got 100% on my math test!” 「数学のテストで百点とったよ!」
“Good for you!” 「よかったね!」

Good for youは気軽に「おめでとう」と伝えるフレーズです。子供によかったねと言うのに丁度良いです。友達の幸運がうれしいときにも使えます。大人に使うと子供っぽい、上から目線と聞こえる場合があります。

“Good for you” is an informal way to say “congratulations”. It’s a great way to congratulate a child. If you feel happy for a friend, you can use it then too. But sometimes it sounds childish or condescending when speaking with adults.

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