Feb 22

“If you think I’m going to give up, you’ve got another think coming!” 「私が諦めると思っているならすぐに考えなおさせてみせる!」

普段はthinkが動詞ですがここでは名詞扱いしています。You’ve got another think comingとは、今思っていることが間違っているからすぐには考え直さざるを得なくなるという意味です。Thinkの最後のkはcomingの最初の音と同じですので聞き取りにくいです。それが原因でよくthinkをthingと書いてしまったところを見かけます。口でいうと音が同じです。

Normally, think is a verb, but in this phrase it’s treated as a noun. “You’ve got another think coming” means, “You will be forced to rethink that (because it’s wrong).” It’s hard to hear the k at the end of think due to the identical sound at the beginning of coming. This leads many people to mistakenly write think as thing, which sounds the same when spoken.

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Feb 15


Have you ever had a hamster or mouse as a pet? A gerbil is another rodent that has been popular as a pet since the 1950s. The gerbils we keep as pets originally came from dry parts of China, Mongolia or Russia. They love to dig and like to live in groups.

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Feb 08

“It took ten years, but I finally finished writing my novel!” 「10年かかったけどやっと小説を書き終えた!」

“Wake up, kids! We’ve finally arrived at the theme park!” 「起きて!やっとテーマパークに到着だ!」


If something takes a long time, when it’s finished at last you might react by saying, “Finally!” The word can also be used for the last step in a sequence. For example, in a recipe: “Finally, let cool and enjoy.”

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Feb 01

“This guitar has seen better days, but it still sounds great.” 「このギターは古くてボロボロだけどまだ良い音を出す。」

「もっと良かった日を見た」というものは古いです。壊れていたり汚れていたりします。昔新品でピカピカだったシャツや車は今はもう新しくない。昔は豊だった町は今荒廃していたらIt’s seen better daysと言えます。

If something “has seen better days”, it’s old and may be broken or dirty. A shirt or car that has seen better days was shiny and clean when it was new. A town that is rundown now used to be prosperous.

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