Jan 25

“This place used to be really nice, but now it’s completely gone to the dogs.” 「前は良かったけど随分クオリティーが落ちたもんだ。」

悪くなったものは「犬たちのところに行った」と言います。昔好きだったレストランに久しぶりに行ってみると料理もサービスもひどければ、gone to the dogsと言えます。前は良かったけど最近は毎回負けるスポーツのチームもそうです。状況が悪化していっているように思えたら国や経済にもよく言います。

If something becomes much worse, we can say it’s “gone to the dogs”. If you visit a restaurant you used to like, but the food and service are terrible, you might say this. A sports team that used to be good but now always loses can also be said to have gone to the dogs. You might hear people say the country or the economy is going to the dogs, when it seems like things are getting worse.

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Jan 18


How did you celebrate the new year? Did you do anything special at midnight on December 31? English speakers often sing “Auld Lang Syne” to say goodbye to the old year as the new year begins. This song was originally a Scottish poem, and the title means “old times”. The song is so old that it was already considered an old song in the early 1700s. In addition to New Year’s Eve, it is sometimes used at many events focusing on endings, farewells, and new beginnings, including funerals and graduation ceremonies.

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Jan 14





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