Dec 21

“I didn’t see him steal it, but he looked suspicious.” 「彼が盗むところを見たわけではないが、彼が怪しそうだった。」

“I’m suspicious of him, too.” 「私も彼を疑っている。」

“There were suspicious footprints leading away from the scene of the crime.” 「現場から続く怪しい足跡もあった。」


“Suspicious” can describe a person who might have done something bad (or be going to do something bad), and it can also describe the person who suspects that person. It can be used with things other than people, too, such as possible evidence that seems out of place.

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Dec 16




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Dec 14

“The question is whether he did it or not. His reasons are neither here nor there.” 「問題は彼がやったかどうかだ。やった理由は関係ありません。」


Something that is “neither here nor there” is not relevant or not important. Sometimes we use it to say that something that seems relevant to the question at hand actually doesn’t matter.

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Dec 07

“This show is for the birds. Let’s play video games instead.” 「この番組はバカバカしい。代わりにゲームしよう。」

“Sports are for the birds. My parents wanted me to sign up, but I’d rather go to the mall with my friends.” 「スポーツなんてくだらない。親に勧められたけどそれよりショッピングモールで友達とくつろぎたい。」

“Taking the bus is for the birds. I can’t wait until my car is fixed.” 「バスで通勤なんてやってられない。早く車治らないかな。」

For the birdsなことは価値がない、バカバカしい、または望ましくないことです。

Something that’s “for the birds” is worthless, stupid or undesirable.

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Dec 02

Decadeは十年間。Decahedronは十面体。十分の一を数える数字の前におく小数点はdecimal pointです。Decathlonとは十種競技、十個の協議を競うイベントです。ではなぜDecemberが十月ではないのでしょう?実は昔、10個目の月でした。名前が決まった後に月が二つ増えました。

A decade is ten years. A decahedron has ten sides. We put a decimal point before a number indicating tenths. A decathlon has ten different athletic events. Why isn’t December the tenth month? Actually, it used to be the tenth month, before two more months were added to the calendar.

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