Oct 26


Have you picked up any acorns this fall? Acorns are the nuts of oak trees. Many animals eat acorns, including bears and boars. Squirrels are well known for burying acorns to eat later. This also helps new oak trees grow. Humans can also eat acorns, but they are bitter if not prepared correctly.

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Oct 19

“Most days I read the newspaper before breakfast.” 「ほとんどの日は朝ごはんを食べる前に新聞を読みます。」

“Most of my classmates like video games.” 「クラスメートのほとんどはテレビゲームが好きなんです。」

Most of the studentsが宿題をしたと言ったら、全員ではないがたくさんの生徒が宿題をしたという意味になります。半分以上なのが確かです。もしかして宿題をしていない生徒は一人や二人だけかもしれません。

If I say most of the students did their homework, I mean that many students did, but not all. More than half of the students did their homework. Perhaps only one or two students didn’t do the homework.

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Oct 12

“When she found out, she broke up with him on the spot.” 「それを知ったとき、その場でかれと別れた。」

“He offered me the job and I accepted it on the spot.” 「内定してくれたのですぐに受けました。」

On the spotで何かをすることは、すぐにすることです。考える時間や移動する時間をとりません。大きな決断を早くしたときによく使うフレーズです。本来はもっと時間をかけてよく考えることかもしれませんが、考えなくても確信しているのでその場で決断します。

If you do something “on the spot” you do it right away. You don’t take time to move to another place. We often use this phrase when someone makes a big decision quickly—we might expect them to take more time to think it over, but the person is very sure immediately and decides on the spot.

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Oct 05

“She only lied because he asked her to, but when they got caught, he threw her under the bus.” 「彼女は頼まれたから嘘をついたのに、バレたら全部彼女のせいになってしまった。」


When someone betrays a person who helped or cooperated with them, we sometimes say they threw the person under the bus. They probably did something bad together and got caught. Or one person helped another gain power and was then betrayed rather than rewarded.

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