Sep 14

“Keep going! You’re almost at the finish line!” 「走り続けろ!もうすこしでゴールだ!」

“Keep the dog from going in the kitchen, please. I’m washing the floor.” 「犬を台所に入れないでね。床の掃除中なの。」


“Keep” can be used in different ways. One way is to show that an action continues or happens over and over. “Keep practicing and you’ll be able to do it in no time.” “I keep losing my car keys.” But it can also mean stopping someone from doing something. “Keep the baby from chewing on my phone.” “The dog pulled on the leash, but I kept him from running into the street.”

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Sep 07

“He pulled the heavy door with all his might, and it creaked open.” 「すべての力で重い扉を引っ張たら、キィーという音でゆっくり開いた。」

“Playing tug-of-war is easy. Just pull with all your might!” 「綱引きは簡単な遊びだ。全力で引っ張るだけ!」


“Might” is another word for “power” or “strength”. When describing someone trying very hard at a physical task such as pulling, holding on, or running, we often say they did it “with all their might”.

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