Jun 29

“I couldn’t really understand the exchange student from Mexico. I guess I need to brush up on my Spanish.” 「メキシコの留学生が言ってることがあまりわからなかった。スペイン語の勉強をやり直さなきゃ!」

昔勉強したことをほとんど忘れてしまっていませんか?その場合は使う前に勉強をやり直す必要があります。Brush upという表現はたぶん「ブラシで汚れを取る」というイメージが由来です。

If you studied something a long time ago, you may have forgotten a lot of what you learned! In that case, you need to brush up on the subject before using it. The phrase “brush up” probably comes from the image of cleaning something with a brush.

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Jun 22

“His speech today could make or break his chances in the upcoming election.” 「今日のスピーチで今回の当選に可能性があるかないかが決まってしまうでしょう。」

“Holiday sales will make or break our business.” 「ホリデーシーズンの売上で商売の未来が決まる。」

未来を決める大事なことは、大きな成功をもたらすか、成功するチャンスを永遠になくすか、というときはmake or breakと言います。例えば、プロ野球チームに誰をリクルートするかを決めるためにスカウトが観ているときに、ひどく下手にプレイしたら、プロになるチャンスをなくしてしまう(break)。とてもうまくプレイしたら、その試合に基づいてプロになるチャンスを得る(make)。

Something that decides your future can either make you a great success, or break your chance of ever succeeding. For example, if a baseball player plays a terrible game on the day a scout is watching to decide who to recruit, his future as a professional player could be lost (broken); if he plays very well, he could get a chance to join a professional team based on that game.

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Jun 15


The arctic fox lives in cold places like northern Canada, Greenland and Russia. Their white fur is good camouflage in winter, but in summer they turn brown. Some arctic foxes have gray fur (which is called “blue”), and they stay gray all year. If there is plenty of food, they will have a large litter of pups in spring.

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Jun 10



ご予約はこちらから、またはお電話 フリーダイヤル 0120-545-109まで。皆様のご予約お待ちしております。

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Jun 08

“My mother taught me to play the piano.” 「母にピアノを教わった」

“Can you teach me how to say hello in Hawaiian?” 「ハワイ語での挨拶を教えてくれる?」


“Teaching” is giving someone a new skill. It can be something big that takes a long time to learn, or something small like just one new word. But if it’s only a piece of information, we use “tell” instead: “Fred told me you would be here.”

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Jun 03

“The group leader took him to task for not completing his part of the project.” 「任された仕事を完成しなかったことをプロジェクトのリーダーに叱られた。」

誰かをtake to taskすれば、仕事をさぼったことなどを厳しく叱ることです。先生、上司、親の行動をよく表します。かなり厳しいほうの叱りに使います。

If you take someone to task, you scold them for doing something badly. This phrase often describes the actions of a teacher, boss or parent. It describes a strong or severe scolding.

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