Apr 25


They say April is a good month to watch for shooting stars. Shooting stars are actually not stars, but meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. They are small rocks or even dust that almost always burn up before reaching the surface of the Earth. If you are lucky enough to see one, make a wish!

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Mar 28

“That’s it. You’re grounded, young lady!” 「もうたくさんだ。お前は外出禁止!」


Grounding is a common punishment for children. When you are grounded, you can’t go out (except for school), just like a plane that can’t fly (it stays on the ground). Parents may have more rules for grounded kids, such as no TV, no video games or no internet.

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Feb 21


Did you give or receive any chocolate last week? Cocoa comes from the cacao bean, which grows on trees. In 1900 BCE, cacao beans were used as money by the Aztecs and Mayans. Although it first appeared in South America, today most cocoa comes from Africa. Chocolate is one of the most popular treats for humans, but it’s poisonous to pets including dogs, cats and parrots.

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Jan 24


Peanut butter is a spread made from peanuts. It can contain other ingredients to change the taste or texture, but in the USA it must be 90% peanuts. Chunky or crunchy peanut butter has small pieces of peanut, and creamy or smooth peanut butter does not. It’s often used to make toast, sandwiches, cookies, and candy. Peanut butter can also be used to make simple treats for animals such as dogs and birds, but be careful that it does not contain xylitol.

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Dec 06


You probably know the Christmas song about the reindeer with a red nose. But did you know his name is Rudolph? Rudolph first appeared in 1939, in a book handed out free to children by an American department store. The song was not released until 10 years later. The 1964 stop motion animation is also well-known.

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Nov 08


Caterpillars are the worm-like bugs that turn into moths or butterflies. They may look like worms with lots of little legs, but as insects they only have six true legs. They spin cocoons from their mouths to cover them while they transform into moths or butterflies.

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Oct 11


A werewolf is a type of monster that used to be a normal human, until they were bitten by a werewolf. Now they transform into a wolf during the full moon. Some werewolves are vicious monsters, and others are more like big dogs; it depends what story you’re reading! Usually werewolves can be defeated by silver.

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Sep 06


Sandpipers are small birds you might see at the beach in many different countries. They have long, narrow bills, which they stick into the sand or mud to find food. There are many different kinds of sandpipers; the smallest one is called the least sandpiper.

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Jul 26

Honor systemとはルールを強制的に守らせる人などいないシステムです。例えば、店員のいない小さな店があって、お客さんが何かをとったときにお代を入れる箱だけがあります。また他にも小さな図書館にカードや締め切りがなくて、客が基本良い人だから本を返すと期待されています。

The “honor system” is when there is nobody forcing people to follow the rules. For example, there might be a small shop with no clerk, only a box for customers to leave their money when they take something. Or there might be a library with no library cards or due dates; people are expected to bring books back because they are basically good people.

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Jun 30


Have you ever been licked by a cat? Their tongues are rough and scratchy. This helps them clean their fur. It also makes it very hard for them to spit anything out.


There is a cookie named “cat’s tongue”. They are named for their long thin shape, also compared to a lady’s finger. The Shiroi Koibito is one example, although its shape is more square. You can also find chocolate cat tongues in Europe and Brazil.

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